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  • “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players;”

    “Tüm dünya bir sahnedir, Ve bütün erkekler ve kadınlar yalnızca birer oyuncu;” (William Shakespeare)

    As Rota College, our English education ​​goal is to prepare our students for the global world and make them the individuals who have a word to speak in every field. With the studies we perform in this context and our perspective on English education, our students practice over daily life requirements, technological innovation, artistic activities, sports activities and project-based work. Our English lessons are being maintained in the quality of learning by “doing and experiencing” with the studies prepared by domestic and foreign teachers who are experts in their field.

    The aim of Rota College English Language Department is to train individuals who;

    - can speak English at the level of their mother tongue effectively,

    - follow the World closely,

    - take part in International projects

    - attend in International examinations

    - can express themselves well before community.


    With "Smart Board" application in all classes, the course topics are presented to our students through "i -tool" and "e -book" options, the learning environment is enriched in terms of visual and auditory aspect .

    Portfolio Presentations

    On the specific date of the period, our students present their experiences in English lessons and the issues they want to share within a portfolio. Portfolio presentations that support making individual speak and gaining self-confidence are also the studies prepared by the students with pleasure at the same time.

    English Debate

    Debate events are the activities that the students performed into two groups of three students before the jury and other students, in which the different aspects of a topic are defended, and English communication is provided effectively. In English debates, the students perform many skills such as making interpretation in foreign language, expressing opposing comments, asking in English. These activities contributing to social aspects of the individuals contributing to the development of the social aspects are monitored each year with growing interest.

    Quiz Shows:

    Quiz Shows are the competitions in which the students fused in terms of social things, they increase their intellectual knowledge and develop their English skills by enjoying.

    Three different quiz shows each year as elementary, middle and high school have both the contestants and the audiences spend pleasant moments and update their knowledge.

    English Social Clubs

    - Drama Club

    In our school, three different English Drama Clubs as elementary, middle and high school are performed separately. The plays of which the preparations are begun at the beginning of Education and Training year are performed at the end of the year, and the importance of the art for society is described by our students by experiencing.

    Important works of world literature exhibited in English contributes our students to practice using gestures-mimes, adjusting the tone of their voice, and emphasizing in the right place and at the right time.

    -Scrabble Club

    Scrabble Club which contributes the cognitive process and the multiplication of English vocabulary as well as allowing our students to have a fun and deductive activities through the tournaments held both within the school and in the province, district and country.

    - English Conversation Club

    In Conversation Club, our students share the topics in the agenda with a presentation and they improve their communicative capabilities. They prepare presentations on the special days and celebrations and organize special programs in cooperation with other social clubs.

    International Projects and Activities

    - Comenius Project

    Comenius Project is one of the European Union Lifelong Education Programs. The program allows the improvement of the interrelations between the European cultures, the elimination of certain prejudices and the application of the multi-partnered projects ensuring the expansion of the participants’ perspective thoroughly. Within this scope, 5 project partners (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Lithuania) from Europe have visited Rota Anatolian High School for the Comenius Project with the title of “Are we ready for the climate change?”. Students and teachers all together have participated in the project’s preparation process and the Climate Change and Its Possible Effects have been discussed within the various perspectives of different cultures.

    - E-Twinning Project

    E-twinning projects which are among of the European Projects allow students to practice on-line. And it’s a program which consists of multi-partnered project studies within the Europe. Students make their presentations in English during the class through Skype so they have a chance to use the latest technological devices.

    - E Pals Global Community

    This project allows our students to share their culture, life styles, classes and the books they’re interested by means of the established communication with the other schools from all around the world. The aim of the project is to ensure a constant communication between the participants and to be able to follow the current agenda of the world.

    Our school is in contact with a school from Canada within the e-pals project. And our students are currently able to share their knowledge together with their friends in another part of the world.

    - Destination Imagination

    DI is a project giving the students from all around the world the opportunities to share the approaches and ideas which can be useful in their studies within the aspect of their creativity and their practice of 21st century. The project is composed of 30 different countries including 48 states of United States and Canada, Turkey, Korea, Guatemala, Poland, China, India, Great Britain, Brazil and Singapore. Within the program, the teams of students conduct the missions consisting of open-ended problems and they make a presentation about the solutions to the set problems in tournaments. The teams trying to describe their missions have a chance to gain life-long experiences and talents such as the management abilities, a sense of cooperative study, problem solving as well as creative and critical thinking. Our school applies the related studies and preparations under the club activities and our student teams represent our school successfully.

    - MUN Model United Nations-(Model United Nations)

    The Model United Nations program that is a simulation of real United Nations provide our students to discuss the world agenda issues over another country's citizenship In this program in which the discussions are made in English, the students progress in both social and academic sense. The students participating in the conferences held both in Turkey and in different countries have the opportunity to compare their own country with different countries. Our students prepare with enthusiasm for Model United Nations program implemented in our school as a club activity, and they interest this activity extremely.

    - Foreign Language Schools

    Abroad experiences that are the most effective way of improving foreign language is carried out with winter and summer abroad program organized by our institution. In these schools that teach with students of different nationalities, our students find the opportunity to practice English and have long lasting friendships.

    In this scope, our school has conducted programs in Bell Bedgebury International and Brighton Newlands Language Schools in the UK. Our abroad language schools programs are organized during semester and summer holidays each year.

    - ESOL Cambridge Examinations

    Our school is one of the test centers of Cambridge ESOL exams which is valid worldwide. Our each student is regularly given Starters, Movers, Flyers, Ket, Pet and FCE exam training from 3rd class of Primary School to 11th class of High School from the beginning of the year. Our students who want to attend these exams can enroll to the exams through our school.